# Learn how to exploit the system for your own interest


The content on this website is still a work in progress. Help us improving it at https://github.com/luseeds/opportunist

On this site you will find valuable information on how to use society ressources to your own advantage.

The main focus here is simplicity and clarity of the texts presented. We live in a society that is unfair and wasteful. There is different reactions based on this context: We can either fight the system, submit to it or escape it and live secluded.

But actually there is an extra possibility and that's the one we decided to develop on this site. It's exploiting the system for our own interest. Transforming his wastes into valuables and his stupidity into wisdom.

The knowledge economy is the most powerful as it's ressources are infinite and sharing what you know with someone won't make you poorer but will make you both wiser.

Education is the root of any change and it's clear that our world needs to change, we need to change. Now.

Spreading awareness and sharing seeds of knowledge is a great way to aim for this better future.

It always begins with a small seed and then grow into a beautiful plant. Learn & thrive.

The Wise Opportunist by luseeds.