# Clothes

The clothes industry is huge. Nowadays people have way more clothes in their wardrobes than they could ever wear. This is an environmental disaster and a human one too (due to the chemicals used and the poor/young labor exploited).


A minimalist approach is highly recommended where you keep only the minimal amount of clothes you need in your daily life. Also, next time you think about buying something, make sure that it's really necessary.

# Where to shop?

The answer is simple: don't.

You already have enough that you don't need any more.

If your sweat has a little hole, learn to fix it instead of throwing it away. You'll get a greater satisfaction from it.

You can also find some free shops. These places work by donations or exchange. It's a really cool way to have new clothes from time to time without giving a cent to the capitalism system.

Also, second hand shops or thrift shops are a great place to go. There, you'll find a lot of clothes that have been already used for a very cheap price. Everything is clean and in good condition. Also the majority of these places are run by charitative association.

Finally, you can go to garage sales or second hand markets.